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Bilstein AS2 Series Shocks by GW ShockLab™


Bilstein AS2 Series shocks are ideal for racers demanding a lightweight design combining versatility and high-quality performance. Each features a modular aluminum design; a hard anodized coating, and threaded body.


They provide precise height adjustments, the ability to dissipate heat quickly, reduced internal friction, with improved strength and durability.


Bilstein AS2 Series shocks absorbers are available in non, single, and double adjustable configurations for precise on-vehicle tuning options working with our onsite ShockLab™ technicians.

Features and benefits include: 

* Available in a wide range of applications in the most popular stroke lengths 
* 46mm lightweight extruded aluminum body maintains tighter tolerances for superior performance 
* Fine thread body provides precise adjustments in coilover applications (coilover kits sold separately) 
* Hard anodized coating reduces friction while increasing durability and strength 
* Monotube design provides maximum heat dissipation 
* Integrated bump stop cap 
* Easy to repair with individual replacement parts sold separately


These are Available to suit any class

Modified Sedans, Super Sedans, Production Sedans, Formula 500, Sprintcars, Dirt Modifieds


Pease Note Coil kits come separte 

BILSTEIN AS2 by GW ShockLab™

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